If Only our Ex Leaders, Civilian and Military are prepared to apologize.

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Inspiration and Wisdom from the Lives of Great People, original by John Strege

I'm sorry (Tiger Woods), a true story.

In his first year as a golf professional, Tiger Woods was heavily criticized by the press for forcing the cancellation of the Haskins Award dinner.

Seeing his mistake, Tiger did what few expected. Instead of taking the easy way out and offering a simple apology, Tiger asked that the dinner be rescheduled so he could apologize in person.

"Tiger and his father flew into Pine Mountain on a Monday afternoon, November 12. Later that night Tiger stood in front of the audience that had assembled five weeks later than scheduled, and apologized. 'My actions were wrong,' he said. 'I'm sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused. I'll never make that mistake again.'

"The media criticism of Tiger diminished in the aftermath of the apology."

Jack Nicklaus recalled that he had similarly erred when he was a nineteen-year-old amateur playing in the PGA Tour's Azalea Open the week prior to the Masters. Nicklaus said of Tiger's actions: "We all go through things we wish we hadn't done. I don't think you'll see Tiger do that again."(1)

We all make mistakes. It's the way we handle them that defines who we are. In the case of Tiger Woods, he handled his mistake like the true champion he is.

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