The stock Market

Writer :Peter F Gontha
Publisher :Gontha.com
Updated :20.04.2000 00:00

Index Updates like : INDU,COMPX,NDX.X,JSX

I would like to make a statement due to the amount of bashing lately !!!

Markets Move up and down:

New York,

Jakarta (one way .... down!!??)

My opinion is just based on looking at it from the "Technical Analytical Point of View" and "based on a combination of MATHAMATICAL and GEOMETRIC formulas".

The end result is the succes of the companies that are fulfilling the request for CHARTING!!! Something you and I do not control.

It is your responsibility as an investor to do the proper due dilligence before making any dicisions or rather cynically said "before playing this market"

Remember rewards are bigger as you take higher risk. (so becareful)

Indu-this index is in a 1000 point wedge from $10,324 at the
Bottom to $11,185 at the top.this wedge is moving to its apex in 13 days at $10,600!!! Its pos into $10,324 and over $11,200
Neg under $10,200

Compx-this index is pos into $3,447 and over $4,250!!! Neg
Under $3,250

Ndx.x-this index is pos into $3,200 and over $3,700!!!
Neg under $$3,100.

Jsx - ???

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