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Writer :Peter F Gontha
Publisher :Gontha.com
Updated :25.03.2000 00:00

1. Global Annual increase of 20% in Home computers.
2. Global annual increase of Internet users between 2000 and 2005 will not be less than 28%.
3. Annual increase of people using E-mail, 30% per annum worldwide.
4. 2.500.000 Wireless Internet users by 2002.
5. Wireless Internet users by 2005 to be around 20.000.000.

I believe that the incremental use of Wireless technology will be seen to grow faster in developing countries than it is in developed countries as seen in the usage of cellular phones

Five years ago, many executives didn't believe the Internet would serve as a real business tool. But now Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com says the future of the Internet is wireless.

Bezos believes that Internet usage will be wireless as Amazon.com, the world's largest e-commerce site, is enhancing its chances for keeping and increasing the number of customers traveling to its sites via wireless devices.

He believes in Internet access via the wireless application protocol or any other standard. He is supportive of WAP (wireless application protocol), and at the same time wants to make Amazon.com universally accessible to as many folks as possible.

If he believes in this, do we?

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