E-mail dari Jeni Abdis, Peter Gontha tanpa

Writer :Jeni Abdis
Publisher :Gontha.com
Updated :17.03.2000 00:00

Hallo Mr. Peter

From the subject of course u know where i got your e-mail.
U know i'm a of fan of you [ so I am another one].
I agree on what you said about CBS [<> Computer Bisnis School ] on TV and than i saw and hear you with "THE JAZZ LADY", your voice wasn't bad at all.
I guess I may have to end may 1st e-mail now, 'cause i going for a date'.

See U [don't be upset if this 1st mail of main is "terlalu" SKSD (sok kenal sok dekat]

lets communicate on my next e-mail.


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